Join leaders and engineers for a one-day technical conference dedicated to AI innovation, research & implementation.

1,000 Attendees

50 Speakers

3 Stages

Talks and Sessions

Opening Keynotes

  • Jensen

    Founder and CEO NVIDIA
  • Xavier

    Founder iliad Group
  • Eric

    Former CEOGoogle
And more to come…

ai-PULSE is organized by Scaleway, the Cloud provider that enables AI innovation in Europe.

Why attend

  • Learn

    With AI progressing daily, we’ve curated the smartest researchers & builders to give you a snapshot of the state of AI technology, products & business cases.

  • Meet

    Whether you’re hiring, raising funds, building an AI product or exploring your 2024 AI strategy, meet with the minds that can put you on the right path.

  • Build

    Got an AI project in the works? Get hands-on support from engineers, dive into the code & cloud architecture to support that project, and walk away one step closer to deploying.


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